It must be comforting to know that you have the ability to heal & make helpful changes for yourself


About Me

Greetings, l’m Sara Sullivan, a registered P.S.H. therapist and I welcome you to my website to find out more about the P.S.H. therapy process and how it can support you naturally, in making lasting beneficial changes for yourself.

If you have unwanted behaviours, or unwanted feelings or unwanted responses that you’ve tried to change but haven’t been able to… read on!

The P.S.H. process and my subsequent emotional healing, helped me finally resolve problems I had struggled with for decades and inspired me to gain my P.S.H. qualification.  I am delighted that I can now pay it forward, by showing others how to use their inner healing abilities to feel better – live better!

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We humans are Self-healing individuals – we need to relearn that our subconscious-mind holds the key to our overall well-being. What we create within us we can also resolve and dissolve – we can reset to feel better and live better!!!

P.S.H. has now helped many thousands of people with common problems such as: 

Anxiety, Stress, Anger, Sleeping issues, Depression, Migraines, Over/Under weight, Panic Attacks & Fears, Chronic Pain, Low Self-Esteem, any Addictions, any Obsessive Compulsive behaviours, Post Traumatic Stress and much more.

Imagine for a moment that you sit with the knowledge that “Our health is a direct result of our personality, our thinking processes and our deep beliefs, our emotional congestion – Our health is not only our physical body” – this is what we need to rethink, understand, and act upon!


P.S.H. stands for Private Subconscious-mind Healing

This P.S.H. process is gentle and effective for helping people resolve their problems that they may have been suffering with for a long time, for some, even decades.
P.S.H. therapy is specifically designed to help clients resolve their unwanted behaviours, feelings or responses or unwanted symptoms that are negatively impacting in their life.

For each of us, our unique inner rules and beliefs for our day-to-day reality, lie below the conscious, outer thinking mind. Under the surface, in our subconscious-mind or our inner mind, this is where changes need to occur.

P.S.H. is the process when both the therapist and the client work together to allow an atmosphere where your mind gets on with the job of resolving your issues privately within, using natural inner abilities for physical and/or emotional resolving and healing. It is a bit like healing a scratch or a bruise, digesting food, or increasing oxygen when you’re exercising … natural inner resources going on within 24/7, in your best interests.

So how does healing/release happen? It is useful to understand that the subconscious mind is the gentle mind, the ‘let-it-happen’ side of the mind. If we want to do something involving conscious, outer mind processes (building a house, selling a car, creating a meal) we must ‘make it happen’. But if we want to do something involving subconscious or inner processes (digest a meal, resolve a subconscious dilemma, increase oxygen levels during exercise, grow fingernails or release a repressed emotion) then we must let it happen. This is the understanding to how the subconscious works.

As the graphic of the Iceberg shows – our conscious awareness, our outer mind is the thinking area part of us. The reasoning and logic part and is also where our willpower and judgment operate for us.  It’s interesting to note that this conscious area is not where our emotions, habits or healing resources operate or process.  Talking or self-analysing about some problems or past events or experiences is not the most effective way to fully resolve them.  It’s helpful to realise it doesn’t take a long time to resolve a problem that a person has had for a long time.

Most psychological techniques and yes, mainstream approaches to emotional and mental health do not address subconscious-mind emotional pathways and responses, as they don’t know how, it’s not part of their training.  A P.S.H. approach is specifically designed to allow the client to resolve their issues at the original feeling cause level and restore a balance of health and happiness. 

Unfortunately, modern medicine isn’t currently going down the pathway of understanding our own natural healing abilities, utilising our own natural inner resources – it is instead going down the pathway of engineering the human system with medications. (Medications do have their place and purpose of course.) However, this bypassing of understanding that the body is sending a message, is making things worse.

DID YOU KNOW ….The subconscious-mind does a billion-billion operations per second!!

FUN FACT – Studies dating back to the 1970s have concluded that the body starts preparing itself for action over a third of a second before we have consciously made a decision to act. In other words, oftentimes we think we’ve made a conscious decision, while the subconscious (or our ‘instinct’) has already decided for us.

What kind of problems does P.S.H. help?

Want to know more ….. Watch this short film about P.S.H. & Emotional Healing

How is P.S.H. Different?

No need to analyse events or history – Knowing this is a relief for many people and brings them to seek help sooner, as the client is saved any embarrassment or awkwardness.           

It can be helpful and comforting for many to realise that there is no need for them to know the exact cause or reason for their problems. In fact, the client doesn’t need to be aware of what is causing their problems or even discuss or analyse their issues with the therapist.

Typically, only 1-3 sessions are needed – After the  formal therapy sessions, (approx: 60-90 minutes per session) changes are ongoing and organic. Lasting benefits are noticed in varying ways, changes happen very naturally within you at your own pace and timeframe right for you.  Most people notice their changes anywhere from a few days and ongoing for weeks and sometimes even months after formal therapy has completed.It may be interesting for you to notice how easily and gently this will occur for you.

The principles & methods applied as the foundation of the P.S.H. model stand alone in the field of people helping – The underlying principles & philosophies of  the P.S.H. methodology are fully supported by the most recent neurobiological sciences, & contemporary understandings about subconscious processes, how they function & the resulting problems that can be caused.

P.S.H. is not to be confused with other models of therapy  – such as Counselling, EFT, NLP, CBT, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, or any of the common clinical psychological methods, or any other modality.

Is a P.S.H. approach for me?

If ordinary medical or psychological procedures are not assisting you, and your will power and conscious effort and your own willingness isn’t working, or perhaps works for a while then old habits or old patterns emerge again …. chances are your symptoms and behaviours result from negative subconscious emotion.

It’s interesting to realise that while repressed emotions can be negative and unwanted, there may possibly be some undeveloped or unexpressed potentials or unknown talents too, untapped consciously. Some people may subconsciously deny or repress some creative parts, so that they are ‘accepted’ or to ‘please others’, or even forgo their true desires in order to ‘belong’ or ‘fit in’ and are not even consciously aware of this occurring.

The range of symptoms for clients successfully helped with P.S.H.  is almost endless because subconscious, inner discomfort occurs for any number of reasons and can either directly cause or at least aggravate almost any problem. What we create within we can resolve within.

"What happens in the mind of man is always reflected in the disease of his body"

Rene Dubos, microbiologist (1901-1982)

Self Care is vital

It seems to me in today’s world so many people are rushed & stressed, suffering anxiety or perhaps depressed & in overwhelm or pain. Many even seemingly just existing & not really living by choice in their lives.

Unfortunately, overthinking or analysing or avoiding issues can get in the way of true emotional resolving & healing.

You might find its ok to remind friends & family that modern, safe & drug free, effective P.S.H. is available to make lasting beneficial differences to their lives – so they can be naturally feeling better & living better sooner, rather than later!


P.S.H. is about undoing the internal knots of emotions, naturally!

Interesting facts:-

Something that you may not have realised before is that our conscious or outer thinking mind or the logical, rational mind actually processes things very differently to the subconscious-mind or inner wisdom, where our emotions are processed and stored. It’s the subconscious-mind which holds all our inner private and emotional parts of us, all our childhood experiences and programming, our childhood patterning laying down our own inner history of our feelings, beliefs & memories.

It may help you to understand that your subconscious-mind is the filing cabinet of all your memories and so determines how you respond to life and make decisions, based on early learnings, impressions and experiences.  It’s not so much what has happened to you in your life … but how you ‘felt’ about it subconsciously, in the inner world of you.  Imagine if your subconscious-mind has to operate on poor experiences occurring during these formative years and how it may then impact you as you go forth in the world.

The weird but true part is that … memories can remain completely hidden from our conscious, thinking mind and yet they still can actively influence you at any given moment.

So specific memories control so many of your reactions, level of motivation, your natural responses you have to people or situations.  Memories outside of your awareness determine many parts of your day-to-day life. 

Often we don’t realise we are living our life on a ‘loop’ or repeat, doing life automatically and habitually. We know what to do based on what we have learned in the past from our parents, siblings or other significant mentors or our own experiences. This goes for all our learning from how to behave or treat others, or how to allow others to treat us, to knowing how to ‘do it our way’ for any task or behaviour or feelings we learned.  This even happens if the influences are from bad experiences, unpleasant memories and even habits that are not good for us. 

P.S.H. is currently the most sought-after form of therapy for those wanting to resolve their unwanted subconsciously driven symptoms or feelings or responses that they know are holding them back.  For others its that some unknown beliefs or habits are somehow negatively impacting them in their life, and they may be self-sabotaging or blocking taking long term action or just feeling drained and have low energy. It’s different for everyone seeking or wanting change …. Some people may know something is wrong but are not sure what it is, or they can’t actually define it – they ‘just don’t feel right’… or ‘always seem to be struggling’ or ‘life always seems so hard’. For others they simply want to not have a habit or symptom anymore and seek help for themselves.

Interestingly, the main  element needed is the desire for change, for life to be different…. Everyone is capable of making their change – but you must be willing and be that way until you’ve made your changes.

The Science of Emotion

Science now understands that the Limbic System portion of the brain is where the function of processing emotions is centred.  Also interesting to note is that although our limbic system functions throughout our lifetime, it does not mature. This makes sense as a result, when our emotional ‘buttons’ are pushed or triggered, we retain the ability to react as though we were a two year old, even when we are adults.

More details are in ‘Better Understanding of Difficult Emotions’ article.

I believe it’s important to understand emotions are neither good or bad or right or wrong, sensible or stupid – and thinking logically about them has no effect & achieves no change

FUN FACT – All the information and data that is constantly being collected and stored in the subconscious is communicated to us in images, feelings, sensations, and dreams. These representations are made verbal by our conscious mind.. The subconscious mind does not speak in words! .

History of P.S.H.

Two Australian therapists, each working independently and unknown to each other, developed the basic concepts of P.S.H. as we know it today. Greg Brice, (Currently Director at I.C.S.T.R., Qld, Australia) and the author of “Healing Your Feelings” and the late Francis J. (Frank) Wright author of “Emotional Healing” gradually evolved their individual clinical methods in their own particular direction.  In 1989 Brice and Wright combined their understandings and techniques and following further refinements and changes (all developed in the clinical setting), the new therapy model of P.S.H. was founded and introduced to other practitioners in 1990.

The Australasian Subconscious-mind Therapists’ Association (ASTA) is the only organisation of fully trained and qualified therapists who specialise in P.S.H. therapy. ASTA members are united in the desire to help clients help themselves to achieve the inner health, well-being and the improved quality of life they seek for themselves.  Members are bound by the Association’s strict Code of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct. I am a member of this Association.